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A Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan, also known as a type of Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), is a plan offered by a private insurance company.


You can save money with these plans by using the providers that are part of the Medicare plan’s network, such as doctors, health care providers, and hospitals. For a higher cost, you are able to use out-of-network providers, but it isn’t advised to do so. To get started with a Medicare PPO Plan, reach out to a We Make Medicare Easy! agent. 

What Is Covered Under a PPO Plan? 

A PPO Plan covers all elements of Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B with exclusions. Generally, preventive care services, hospitalizations, and other health care services are covered under a PPO plan. In most cases, prescription drug costs are also covered by your plan. It’s crucial to follow up with your provider if you need coverage to ensure that this is included or not.  

Do I Need a Primary Care Provider?  

With PPO Plans, you do not need to choose a primary care doctor to coordinate care. In regards to specialist referrals, you typically do not need to receive a referral to see a specialist. Using an in-network specialist will most often provide you with lower overall costs.  

Learn More About PPO Plans 

At We Make Medicare Easy!, we want to help make Medicare coverage digestible and help provide the best coverage for your needs. To learn more about how a PPO Plan may be of benefit to you, reach out to an agent today.  

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